Research & Collections


The Alabama Museum of Natural History Collections are currently being added to Arctos. Check back frequently as collections are routinely being added.


disk from Moundville Archaeological Park


The Archaeological Collection holds over one million artifacts, associated writings, and photographic images documenting the history of human occupation in the southeastern United States and beyond.



The UA Herbarium houses about 64,000 specimens of vascular plants, about 6,000 specimens of mosses, and a few liverworts, lichens, algae, and fungi. Learn more about the herbarium at herbarium.as.ua.edu.

assorted moths


The Entomology Collection contains approximately 500K specimens, including two historical pinned collections of Lepidoptera and Coleoptera and a large collection of aquatic insects.

close-up view of a specimen

Earth Sciences

The Earth Sciences Collection is made up of vertebrate, invertebrate, and botanical paleontological collections and geological collections including a large mineral collection.

leather belt

History & Ethnology

The history and ethnology collections consist of over 15,000 items, including bottles, stoneware jugs, hand tools, and telegraph insulators. It also contains objects related to the Gorgas House.

human skulls in different sizes

Human Osteology

We have an extensive collection of human skeletal remains from prehistoric Alabama, including those recovered in archaeological excavations at the famous Moundville site.

magnified invertebrate creature

Invertebrate Zoology

The Invertebrate Zoology Collection contains 20,081 catalogued lots of marine, freshwater, and terrestrial invertebrates and an estimated 10,000 additional lots of uncatalogued specimens.

outline of Alabama with drawings of fishes superimposed on it


The University of Alabama Ichthyological Collection is one of the largest educational and research collections of fishes in the southeastern United States. Learn more at uaic.as.ua.edu.


Vertebrate Zoology

The UA Museums Vertebrate Zoology Collection consists of numerous mammalian and ornithological specimens and a comparative skeletal collection.

woman's hand holding a photo negative

Photographic Collection

The Photographic Collection contains some 20,000 photos and negatives taken mostly during the 1930s and 1940s, including many taken at archaeological digs at Moundville and the Tennessee Valley.

salamander on a rock

Reptilian & Amphibian Collection

The Reptile and Amphibian Collection is comprised of specimens largely collected prior to 1990 from around the state of Alabama.