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Research News

Crustaceans as hosts of parasites

Over the last decade, parasites in the marine fossil record have been increasingly studied. The scientific community has shown that part of the lack of knowledge about marine parasites in deep time is simply due to a lack of research.

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Animals hidden in a 100-million-year-old giant clam

The sea floor was a dangerous place for particularly smaller animals. Over the last century, a wealth of information about traces in ancient prey items has been recorded, showing successful and unsuccessful predation. One of the best ways to largely avoid predators and other disturbances is to find a shelter.

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Collections News

UA professor emeritus receives Alabama Avocational Paleontologist Award

Dr. Ron Buta, professor emeritus of Astronomy, has been a major force in avocational or amateur paleontology since he rediscovered his interest in paleontology in mid-1990s. For his substantial contributions uncovering the prehistory of Alabama, he has been selected as the 2021 recipient of the prestigious Alabama Avocational Paleontologist Award.

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