Caribbean Database

Database of Indigenous Portable Art and Personal Adornment,
Late Ceramic Age, Greater Antilles

Vernon James Knight, Compiler

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new electronic database of indigenous objects of personal adornment from the Caribbean. Users who possess a current version of Microsoft Access on their computer (commonly distributed as part of the Microsoft Office package) should have no difficulty downloading, opening, and navigating the database.

This new resource contains information on 1,121 objects from 34 museums in the Greater Antilles, Europe, and the United States. These are incorporated in a searchable, relational database that includes catalog information, accurate measurements, and new photographs of each object from several angles. For the project, 5,243 new object photographs were selected for presentation, together with 235 object sketches.

Three files available for download consist of (1) a manual; (2) an accessory program called dbPix [this must be downloaded and run once on each machine]; and (3) the database file.