Evaluating the effect of the Cretaceous-Paleogene event on the diversity, abundance, composition, and body size of decapod crustaceans. Paleontological Society Arthur James Boucot Research Grant, May 2022. Total Award: $4370; PI Adiel Klompmaker 

Maximizing storage efficiency and use of the Alabama Museum of Natural History paleontology collection. Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences, February 2022. Total Award: $1400; PI Adiel Klompmaker 

Saving and making accessible the University of Alabama Museums Historic Invertebrate Paleontology and Type Collections consisting of 100,000 specimens. IMLS Museums for America, September 2021. Total Award: $39,944; PI Adiel Klompmaker, co-PI John Abbott  

Genealogy of Odonata (GEODE): Dispersal and color as drivers of 300 million years of global dragonfly evolution. NSF Award #2002489 (DEB: Systematics & Biodiversity Sci). $2.3 million collaborative grant with Brigham Young University, American Museum of Natural History, The University of Florida and The University of Alabama ($513,000); PI John Abbott

Cretaceous crustaceans from cold seeps in the Western Interior Seaway, South Dakota. Western Interior Paleontological Society Karl Hirsch Memorial Grant, March 2020. Total Award: $1000; PI Adiel Klompmaker

Population size and ecology of six rare dragonflies (Odonata: Anisoptera) in Louisiana. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Oct 2019. Total Award: $78,303; PI John Abbott & Kevin Kocot

Conservation Assessment of 165 Texas Dragonflies Focusing on the 24 Most Imperiled. Texas Parks & Wildlife, Jan 2019. Total Award: $326,063; PI John Abbott & Kevin Kocot

Assessing Rate of DNA Degradation in a Stream Ecosystem for Detecting Environmental DNA. Dragonfly Society of the Americas, July 2018. Total Award: $973; PI John Abbott

Digitization of the University of Alabama Museums Invertebrate Paleontology Collections: Saving a historic collection and making it available for research and outreach. IMLS Museums for America, Sept. 2017. Total Award: $22,384; PI  John Abbott (former PI: Dana Ehret)

Population Genetics and Life History of the Sarracenia Spiketail (Cordulegaster sarracenia). Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, State Wildlife Grant, July 2016. Total Award: $52,621; PI John Abbott

Inventory, Digitization and Dissemination of the University of Alabama Natural History Museum Directors’ Records. State Historical Records Advisory Board, July 2016. Total Award: $2,480; PI Mary Beth Prondzinski and John Abbott

ODOMATIC: Automatic Species Identification, Functional Morphology, and Feature Extraction to alleviate the taxonomic impediment and broaden citizen science toolsNational Science Foundation Advances in Bioinformatics, DBI#1564386, April 2016. Total Award: $625,755. PI Jessica Ware (Rutgers University), John Abbott, & Garreth Russel (NJ Institute of Technology). Project website https://digitizingdragonflies.org/