Alabama: In The Making Documentary

To celebrate its 200th anniversary of statehood, the State of Alabama created the Alabama Bicentennial Park in the heart of historic Montgomery and commissioned artist Caleb O’Connor to design a series of sixteen sculptural works depicting the state’s full history, from fossils to moon rockets.

Millions of Cicadas Are Coming to the East Coast

Millions of cicadas are about to swarm the East Coast. Don’t panic! It’s totally normal. These cicadas, known as periodical cicadas, have been 6 feet underground for 17 years. From June to August, they will come above ground in waves in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina.

Murder Hornets

On May 6, 2020, Dr. John Abbott (Director of Museum Research & Collections) was a guest on WBRC’s Good Day Alabama to discuss  “Murder Hornets”.


What is commonly known as The Hodges Meteorite, is called Sylacauga by those who study it. One such meteorite expert is Dr. Julia Cartwright, Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama, who is currently doing analysis on the meteorite to help us understand more about how this star fell on Alabama in 1954.


The University of Alabama Museums and The Fashion Archive of the College of Human Environmental Sciences have teamed up to participate in #ColorOurCollections for the first time in University of Alabama history.

Chermock’s Butterflies

Ralph Chermock and his brother, Frank, collected butterflies from local and international locations. These specimens are house in the Research and Collections department at the University of Alabama.