Towards Global Volunteer Monitoring of Odonate Abundance

Provocative headlines such as “Insectaggedon,” “Insect Apocalypse,” and “The Great Insect Dying” have directed the world’s attention to a purported widespread decline of insects and elicited calls for immediate action (Basset and Lamarre 2019, Forister et al. 2019, Sánchez-Bayo and Wyckhuys 2019, Cardoso et al. 2020, Harvey et al. 2020). Although the trend is deeply concerning, the flashpoint study (Sánchez-Bayo and Wyckhuys 2019) has come under academic criticism and doubt lingers over how well existing data and analyses can predict trends and support the notion of a general demise (Cardoso and Leather 2019, Komonen et al. 2019, Thomas et al. 2019, Didham et al. 2020, Montgomery et al. 2020, Saunders et al. 2020, Wagner 2020).