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New Holotype of Fossil Shark for Paleontology Collection

Squatina australis

On June 16, paleontologists published a scientific article describing a new fossil angel shark genus and species named Cretasquatina americana. Among those paleontologists is former University of Alabama curator of paleontology Dana Ehret. The team used two specimens from the paleontology collection of UA Museums’ Department of Museum Research and Collections.

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MothFest 2018

poster featuring common moths of the united states

This year’s MothFest was a huge success! The attendance more than tripled from last year, and there were more activities and things to see. To read more about the event, as well as see pictures, you can read the article written by the Tuscaloosa News here!

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“Sweetie” the Mosasaur Makes Her Debut Appearance

  In February of 2018, paleontologists Dr. Takehito Ikejiri and Dr. Lynn Harrell delved into UA’s Natural History Collection to retrieve “Sweetie”, a Mosasaurus maximus fossil specimen. As explained in a Youtube video by Kendra Abbott, ecologist and nature lover, Dr. Ikejiri and Dr. Harrell were removing Sweetie from the collection to lay out her bones so they could be properly measured and put together. Kendra tells the viewers that Sweetie could be one of the most complete Mosasaurus maximus specimens, and likely […]

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Stolen Moundville Archaeological Park Pottery

  In 1980, 264 pottery vessels were stolen during a break-in at the Erskine Ramsay Archaeological Repository at Moundville Archaeological Park and have been missing ever since. An investigation by local police, the F.B.I., and publications in the Journal of Field Archaeology could not help bring the missing artifacts back. Now that the internet and social media is widely available, the word can be spread yet again on a wider scale about the theft of the highest-grade pottery vessels in […]

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