Curators and Personnel with Appointments Outside UA Museums

NameJob TitleEmail
Emily BibbCurator, Paul R. Jones Collection of American Artecbibb@ua.edu
Dr. Elliot BlairFaculty Curator, Southeastern Archaeologyehblair@ua.edu
Dr. John BlitzFaculty Curator Emeritus, Southeastern Archaeologyjblitz@ua.edu
Dr. Ian BrownFaculty Curator Emeritus, Gulf Coast Archaeologyibrown@ua.edu
Dr. Steve GinzbargAssistant Curator, Herbarium
Herbarium Collections Manager
Dr. Phillip HarrisFaculty Curator, Ichthyologypharris@ua.edu
Dr. Jim KnightFaculty Curator Emeritus, American Archaeologyvknight@ua.edu
Dr. Kevin KocotFaculty Curator, Invertebrate Zoologykmkocot@ua.edu
Dr. Marcy KoontzFaculty Curator, Clothing and Textilesmarcy.koontz@ua.edu
Dr. Juan López-BautistaFaculty Curator, Marine Invertebrates and Algaejlopez@ua.edu
Dr. Michael McKainFaculty Curator, Herbariummrmckain@ua.edu
Dr. Alberto Pérez-HuertaFaculty Curator, Invertebrate Paleontologyaphuerta@ua.edu
Dr. Virginia WimberleyFaculty Curator, History and Ethnologyvwimberl@ches.ua.edu
Worth PughCoordinator, Zoological Collectionsmwpugh@ua.edu